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the notes are old ...

... they bend, they fold

the e book
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Once upon a time, there were three little girls. They were very good friends, and all their names began with the letter "e". One day, the girls decided to form a sacred bond, and they called it "The E Club"...

7 years later...

Two of the little girls are reunited in high school. One day, one of the girls receives a spiral journal with a giant letter "e" on the cover. Of course, this book would soon become a vital asset to the resurrection of The E Club. Inside this book, the girls would share everything, from life or death situations to the most trivial gossip. And thus, the "e" book was born on December 18, 2003.

5 months later...

As summer approaches, the girls fear they will not get to see or talk to one another as often as they would like. Without Algebra 2 to pass TI-83s or biology to pass the book, they had to find another way to keep in touch. May 10, 2004, one of the girls created the livejournal community of the e book to try and keep The E Club alive.

This is The E Book of Elizabeth and Emily. Read at your own risk.